Bullshit on my street..

Eviction is always fun.  Got served notice Friday night at six thirty that the company wanted my property back. Who the fuck does that anyway? Regardless. I have to be out asap. They also want me to pay them now. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on; I need a new fucking house. Turning me and my three kids into the streets... Fuckholes.

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The Endless Job Search Continues

Whether or not I am getting more shifts out of J. is anyone's guess at this point (and my guess would be "no"), but he owes me for a 12 hour shift. Today was supposed to be payday and he's been completely incomunicado all day. Texts, emails, and half a dozen phone calls... nada.

Also, was supposed to get a call one way or the other about another job I interviewed for, but I haven't gotten one yet. In this case, no news is good news. She said she would call regardless or if she hired me or not.

Tomorrow is another day. Right now though, I'm inclined to say FML.

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Hitting the Wall

Well, this is shaping up to be a stellar day.  Went down for a nap last night at seven, woke up around 1am to discover that my son had broken out of his room, snuck past my husband who was working on his own novel and gotten into the bathroom.  Thankfully he didn't touch any of the cleaning supplies we have under the cabinet, but I was informed as I was trying to pull myself out of grogginess that he had broken a candleholder in the toilet bowl, and the necklace I got from my grandmother last Christmas as well as the scissors had joined the shards. 

Oh, and that he'd apparently been undetected long enough that his pyjama top was soaking wet with toilet water.

Managed to bang out another 1300 words for the novel, bringing my grand total up to close to 3600 for the month thus far. 

Cleaned up the house a bit after finishing the work I'd set for myself and then took another nap on the couch. Woke up at 10 and immediately stumbled into the bedroom upon the request of the husband in order to sleep some more.  I left strict orders to be woken up after an hour or so, but someone just let me sleep, meaning I got up somewhere in the neighbourhood of two in the afternoon. 

Watched Dangerous Minds with Rick to try and wake myself up, then stared at the computer screen for fifteen minutes, trying to get my shit together.  It's now almost 5:30pm and I've written maybe thirty words all told towards the count for the day.  I set 2.5. I've got 1200 to go and I don't think I'm going to be able to do it.  My head is pounding and even though I know what needs to happen in the novel -- I managed to outline the first four chapters -- I have no idea how to get there.

I think I may take a few hours off after dinner.  Maybe watch the rest of Season 3 of "Lost" while brainstorming.  I just hope this damned headache goes away.  But I doubt it will until Jason goes to bed.  He decided he didn't want a nap, and now he's cranky, so I've been listening to his temper tantrums for the last half hour and they're spiking right into my brain. 


Off now. Have to make dinner.
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My absolute favorite time of year is approaching. *gag*  I hate Christmas, and everything it stands for.  Call me a regular Scrooge if you will.  I have my reasons for loathing this holiday, not the least of which is having to endure hours of family visits and that insidious tradition of gift-giving.  And pretending to like the bright fuschia sweater your senile great-aunt Marge gave you.  Why the hell should you be required to give people presents at certain times of the year?  It's nice, granted, but you shouldn't have to give people shit.  It should be spontaneous, not expected.  And why the hell should you be grateful for the ugliest stuff man ever created?

Thankfully, I can get away with this attitude a little bit longer.  Soon enough though, I'll have to conform like all the rest of the little fucking sheep and follow the pretty blinking string of lights to the big tree with the star on top and wait for some fat man to come down my chimney and fill my stockings.  

Entendre intended.  

The boys are too young really to grasp the concept of Christmas. And thank god for small miracles.  Jason will be asking when he can write his letter to Santa before much longer, and then my deep abiding hatred for Christmas will be ruined.  

You watch. Next year, I'll be in the kitchen baking batches of Christmas cookies to put out on plates for Santa *coughRickcough* to eat after the kids go to bed.
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*mumble mumble*

It's too gorram early for this.  Twenty after eight, less than four hours after I got to sleep, I have workmen knocking on my door.  It's time to carve a large hole out of concrete and install bigger windows, they say.  I came so fucking close to telling them where they could shove it.  They woke me out of a very pleasant dream, and now I'm all grungy-eyed and cranky.

I guess I should look at it this way: if they're done by lunchtime, we can safely put Jason down for a nap and catch one of our own... As long as Thomas cooperates with this plan, that is.

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Day One: All Systems Go

Foregoing the old, defunct LJ with the username I hate for a new blog with fresh, shiny electronic pages all ready to be filled up with type.  It's the same kick I get out of a brand-new notebook: I really want to fill it with my creative goodness, but end up scratching out crap on all the pages, rendering it unusable for its original purchase purpose.

I'm almost astonished at myself. With the amount of time I usually spend in WoW, I was in game for about an hour. Long enough to ding my paladin to 17, and that was only after I spent, off and on, four hours messing around with FL.  I so don't know what I'm doing with that program, but I tell myself that I've only had it for a day now, and everyone's a noob when they first begin.  It's like crack: once you stop, you need a gorram intervention to stop.

See, I blame Cade for all this.  Every time, every goddam time he sends me the tracks he's been working on, I want to try my hand at it.  Mostly just to see if I can, to see if I can manage to produce something as awesomely inspiring as his stuff.  And I know I suck, I'm a beginner at it and everyone sucks when they first start out.  But I've learned about two things in the last 24 hours -- the step sequencer and the piano roll.  That doesn't mean I'm any good at it, but at least I grasped the basics of a couple of things.  Only about a thousand left!

And on my own too!  The manual that came with it should have been labelled "Warning: May require audio engineering degree for comprehension".  It could be that I was just dead tired when I tried to read through it last night. I tried another read-through earlier and got slightly better results.  Of course, that could be that I've been messing around with all the shiny buttons and samples, reading up basic tutorials (because it seems that the packaged tutorials are geared for folk who know something of what they're doing already).

Is it worrisome that I'm already thinking about the first two tracks I want to do?  Am I putting the cart before the horse here?  Or is this sort of thing natural?  Rick says he hasn't seen me this involved in something in a long time, and he's right for the most part.  I haven't been. Chasing around after children and doing housework eight times a day to keep up with the mess an active toddler can leave really takes it out of you.  But for the first time in a long time, I am excited about doing something new. 

Let's just hope I can force my own natural tendency to procrastinate and put off to go away until I grasp the fundaments of what I'm doing. 
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